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Miller Lite Yeti Rambler - Full Color Logo - Small Batch Customs

Miller Lite Yeti Rambler - Full Color Logo

Yeti Coolers

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Authentic Yeti Rambler Duracoat with the full color Miller Lite logo in Perma-Graphix. This is not a decal. It is a permanent graphic applied to the cup. 

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  • Is the yeti colster with Miller logo dishwasher safe? Or will dishwasher ruin the logo? Thank you.

    Wash away! The logo is permanent.

  • Hello there, my name is Nia and I am needing one of these koozie for my husband's birthday next Saturday. Before next Saturday if possible. He's been wanting one. But quick question, is there any way Yal can coat the top cap in white as well instead of it in black?? If not it's okay, it'll do. I like the look to be all in white and the bottom keep it stainless steel. If I don't get a response back, it'll be okay, I'll have to place an order on one anyhow. Thank you! Hope to get a reply. Have a Bless Day!

    The black cannot be coated. It is plastic and all of our finishes are baked on.